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Exterior Painter in Bend, Oregon

“Ben's work is absolutely superb"

Did you know that 85% of failure from an exterior painter is because the prep work was not done properly and thoroughly?

Poor prep work will produce an exterior paint job that won’t last as long or look at good as it could when prep work is done properly. Believe me because I've seen it hundreds of times, attention to detail and a solid understanding of process and execution of prep work makes all the difference.

When an exterior painter cuts corners on prep work, the paint will peel and fade faster than if you take the time to do it right. I've even see painters prep over dirty, dusty surfaces! Not me. After pressure wash, I scrape, sand, fully prime, and then caulk as a finishing seal before applying the top coat of paint.

When you hire me to paint your house, I focus more on priming than your typical contractor. Why? Because priming makes up 90% of a high-quality paint job that's tightly sealed, lasts longer, and looks better.

Ben is really an outstanding exterior painter and his biggest success comes with his preparation work. It takes him much longer to prepare a job than to actually paint it because he wants to
make sure he's covered everything that needs to be repaired or sealed. He's done three painting jobs for me now and his work is absolutely superb. I can't say enough about him, but if I was to do any more painting, I would hire Ben."

Jim Larson, Awbrey Glen, Oregon

Many painters depend on caulking to seal and smooth, and then prime around it because it's faster and easier. But actually, caulk doesn’t stick as well as most painters think. In fact, I've proven that caulk doesn't stick as well as a top-notch primer, which is why I never caulk on bare wood and prime around it … that’s just cutting corners.

Primer sticks and seals better than any other productperiod. So I prime everything first and then caulk. Yes it takes longer, but it’s the right route to a better, smoother paint job that will stay vibrant with less fading.

Product quality matters too. Since 1996, I've used a primer that in my 20 years of experience has proven to be the best. To my knowledge, I'm the only painter in the area that special orders and uses this product. It has a unique binder and resin in it that is fail-proof, which is why this primer continues to be the absolute best in the industry. Yes, I costs $30 a gallon versus $20 for the typical, inferior product, but I guarantee it works better than what all the other painters use. In fact, I’ve never had a failure or anything but excellent results with this primer.

Whether it's primer, caulk, or top coat, I recommend using only the highest quality product that every brand has to offer, but can make other recommendations to fit specific requests or situations.

Once every inch of your house is perfectly primed and sealed, I typically apply two medium-think coats of paint as recommended by top product manufacturers and painting industry professionals for superior coverage.

I know attention to detail and process takes longer, but that’s the right way to paint your house. Let me paint your next project ... I guarantee you’ll be as proud of your paint job as I am!

Ben's work is fabulous! Thank you so much for making my
50th birthday so bright and your excellence in painting the house. We appreciate you more than you can imagine."

B. Klett, Oregon


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"Ben helped us choose colors that blended together for a
show house look."
—K.B., Awbrey Butte

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