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"Ben is worth every penny
for the reliable, high quality work he does.”

"I've watched chemists make paint, I've mixed and matched paint myself, and I've used virtually every paint product and technique out there. I just KNOW paint and painting and what it takes to do it right!"—Ben Siebel

My painting knowledge and experience is not typical. Many years of honing my skills and know-how has made me what most customers say is, "The best, most qualified painting contractor in Bend, Oregon and like no other."

Since 1992, I've worked in every aspect of the painting industry—with major builders, other cutting-edge painter contractors, and in leading paint stores where I've personally chosen and mixed every kind of paint product. I also worked in maintenance for exquisite Hawaiian resorts, which has giving me the ability to fix almost everything I encounter in paint projects.

Having an in-depth understanding of painting technique, proper sequence, how paint products are made, how they work together as a system, and why some products work better or differently in certain situations over others, makes me much more qualified than your average painter.

Over 5 years working at Miller Paint taught me the mechanics of paint, what makes a better product and tool, and why. Over 10 years working on the job has taught me how to properly apply paint and priming products, and why when you rush and cut corners, the results can be disastrous.

“Once a year Ben comes over and inspects my houseinside and out. Whatever he finds he fixes or paints as if nothing ever happen and it’s brand new! Ben is worth every penny for the reliable, high quality work he does.”

Satisfied customer in Bend, Oregon

Experience and knowledge in organization and how it plays a critical role in finishing a job on time and without compromise is also key. In other words, because I am exceedingly organized on every job, I'm more efficient and can do a better job in the time frame I've been given or promised. I've seen it all too often where other painters were unorganized in their timing, sequence, and equipment, and therefore wasted a ton of time, then got sloppy and rushed towards the end.

For example, when I need the perfect color match, I'm organized enough to order it with the proper time and instruction so that the paint store can mix it right the first time. This way, the color match process or any other step doesn't jeopardize your project timeline and my commitment to perfection.

All of this knowledge and experience ensures that I give each project the right treatment with a solid, reliable foundation. It means that you get a paint job that looks exceptional and lasts longer than you'd expect.

When you hire me, you'll get a true painting professional. My assistant Ryan and I show up on time every morning at 8:00 and work consistently through the day until we leave at 4:00. My van doesn't leak oil on your driveway and is stocked with everything required to get the work done. We respect you and your neighbors and there's no monkey business! We're not at your house working with our shirts off or listening to loud, booming radios.

We take down and clean up all painting equipment everyday. In fact, when we're not there painting, we leave your area so clean that it's hard to tell that you're in the middle of a paint project!

“We found it refreshing to engage with an individual that paid such attention to detail. Ben was diligent in his effort to maintain a work area that was clean and precise, with equipment stowed at the end of his work day. He was always friendly, but professional in his daily interaction with us when he was painting our house.”

Rick & Gayle Jacobson, Awbrey Glen, Oregon

I've painted every kind of structure, including commercial and residential buildings, schools, towers, signs, and more. Whatever you need painted, I'll give you service and a paint job you can count on!

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painter in Bend Oregon

painting contractor in Bend Oregon

"We’ve used a lot of painters and there’s no question that Ben is THE BEST. None of the others even come close to Ben’s standards in everything he does. Plus he’s just a totally nice guy and we trust him completely. We can even give him the keys to our house and take off.

We never worry about a thing when Ben’s working on our house, and he’s done just about everything for us, including our deck. He’s painted our interior, exterior, and with our bathroom and kitchen remodel, he stripped the wallpaper off, textured the walls, and gave it a great paint job. It’s just beautiful work. In fact, when our interior designer saw the job he did on our bathroom and kitchen, she said,
“I want his name!”

Ben also treated, primed, and painted our exterior columns, and they’ve never looked so good – even when we bought our house new. I recommend Ben to everyone I talk to because he’s such a believer in prep work and doing things right. You won’t be sorry using Ben because de’s a heck of a painter and a lot more."

Chuck Schafroth, Eagle Crest


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