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Your #1 Painting Contractor in Bend, Oregon

"Ben exceeded our expectations by far!"

Unless you work in the paint industry, how can you be sure you're hiring a painter contractor who really knows what he's doing? Of course you want a paint job that's meticulously detailed with the highest quality work from the base to the finish! It's the only way to make sure it will look better and last longer!

When you hire me to paint your house or commercial building inside or out, you'll be getting a true painting professional.

My experience and knowledge spans over 20 years working both sides of the painting industry—with paint mechanics and chemistry (product type, binding properties, color mixing and matching, etc.) and paint application (proper combination of product, sequence of application, set and timing, technique, etc.).

“The paint job Ben completed for us exceeded our expectations by far and demonstrated his commitment to his trade
and profession.

It's refreshing to see someone you've hired pay such attention to detail - he definitely committed the time necessary to make sure his work met his satisfaction and high standards. Ben is a true craftsman of his trade. He enjoys his work and will not compromise any part of the job.

We give Ben our highest personal recommendation. If you need a painter, you should seriously consider Ben Siebel.
You will not be disappointed!

Rick & Gayle Jacobson, Awbrey Glen, Oregon

I guarantee your paint job will be the absolute best—with the right product and process to ensure a solid, reliable paint job that lasts longer. As much as you do, I want to drive by years later and marvel and your exceptional paint job that stands out from the rest!

I take great pride in my work and cannot walk away unless I've perfected every nook and cranny. Call 541.330.9552 or email me for a free estimate on your next paint project!

Ben is the highest quality, most conscientious painter we've ever known. He is simply the best. Not only does he seem to know everything about paint and painting, he is also very easy to work with and a delight to have around the house.

We have had Ben paint both of our houses in Oregon, inside and out.  He is the only painter my wife trusts to be in our house while we're gone. He spends a tremendous amount of time on prep work, which of course dramatically affects the quality of the finished product.  

Ben is also extremely clean and responsible in his work. We’ve never found a drop of paint anywhere. In fact, our window washer said he couldn’t believe we just had our house painted because he did not see one spec of paint anywhere on anything.

After our neighbors saw what a great job Ben did on our house, they hired him too and now he’s painted most of the houses on my street!”

Don and Darhl Guinn, Awbrey Glen, Oregon

Ben Siebel

61535 S HWY 97
Suite #9
Bend, OR 97702

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painter in Bend Oregon

"Ben's work is absolutely superb ... I would definitely hire him again."
—Jim Larson, Awbrey Glen

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painting contractor in Bend Oregon

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painter in Bend Oregon



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